Adsense network broadcast Pirate Bay in February 1st will be full of blood to revive the end of the

1 of the world’s largest BT site the Pirate Bay in February 1st Nirvana regression: countdown page has opened  


January 27th news, according to foreign media reports, in the face of the Swedish government raid and seizure of the server, the world’s largest BT site Pirate Bay (The Bay) was forced off the assembly line. Recently, the site has a countdown display page, display the Pirate Bay in February 1st is about to Nirvana rebirth.

although there is no exact message display specific return time Pirate Bay, but the line of the page in the recent new news, the countdown page revealed the new website on February 1st Phoenix Nirvana of information to people.

2 derivative barbaric growth: Sales of 150 billion suspected MLM agent model

micro business development like a raging fire while still in a no rules of the barbaric growth state, the layers of agency sales model has been questioned for MLM, fake, arbitrary price, customer service service cannot be unified management.

with the rise of the circle of friends, micro business fire, but at the same time also attracted more controversy.

according to Analysys think tank released "2014 WeChat shopping development white paper" shows that in 2014 China Mobile shopping subscribers exceeded 300 million, the growth rate of more than 35% this year, mobile shopping transaction size is close to 10 trillion, the growth rate reached 270%.

3 hungry for $350 million E round of financing Tencent, Jingdong and other joint investment  

news January 27th, online meal ordering platform "hungry" was announced E $350 million round of financing, CITIC Industrial Fund, Tencent, Jingdong, public comment, Sequoia Capital investment. After the completion of the financing, hungry will continue to operate independently.

hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao said, the three major tasks after the financing is to improve the delivery service, develop the white-collar housing market, to build logistics platform for free logistics distribution center, supplemented by social logistics. Finally, let it become the field of O2O home service gathering traffic, logistics, payment scenarios Trinity integrated platform.

4 even after the 90 campus began to abandon the decline, no one wrong, commercial  

Chen Yizhou and his, seems to be more and more elusive. $40 million investment guru Chen Yizhou shot again, this time is the social equity investment platform Motif Investing, just a few months ago, led to the domestic social investment platform, the same amount of the snowball C round of investment.

side make a All-in investment posture, shouting to return to school, but after 90 users of seem to >

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