April 1st implementation of the new regulations foreign drama must be approved electricity supplier

a number of new regulations implemented since April 1st, including online shopping third party trading platform to modify trading rules shall be 7 days in advance publicity, the introduction of overseas drama to advance registration audit, otherwise can not access playback etc..

"synchronous" watching TV become the past

In September 2014

released the "State Administration of press and publication of the State Press and Publication Administration notice on further implementing the relevant provisions of the online foreign TV drama management" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice" provisions "), before March 31, 2015, the website will broadcast this website in foreign TV drama name, set number, purchase contracts, copyright check date, content summary, audit information uploaded to the" online foreign TV drama introduction information platform unified registration registration. ". From April 1, 2015 onwards, the registration of foreign film and television drama may not play on the internet." In the "outer limit order", the overseas drama in domestic website "update" is no longer a reality, domestic users through the major video sites including drama, simultaneous viewing of foreign drama will become the past.

it is understood that before the major video sites in the introduction of foreign drama in the broadcast after the expiration of the copyright, if not after approval will not be able to continue to play. That is to say as "sisters", "bankruptcy" Aegis Bureau agents and other friends hot chase drama at the end of the season will temporarily leave the people’s vision of a possible return to wait until the next complete season ended, waiting for the licensee to play after the approval of registration. According to the above mentioned: for example, the general broadcast cycle in about six months or so, so if you want to users through online video sites to watch the next season, if you do not consider the subtitles of the time, the fastest to broadcast after the first half of the year, this does not include the introduction of party registration and approval time submitted. This is keen to catch up with foreign drama users is a loss.

but on the other hand, the introduction of foreign drama restrictions for domestic drama and major video sites homemade drama is a good news. The notice also provides that the total amount of the introduction of a single website annual broadcast of foreign film and television drama, shall not exceed 30% of the total amount of domestic film and television drama aired on the website of the year. For 2015 to reduce the number of foreign drama and stay out of space, each video site is bound to use domestic drama and homemade drama to fill.

Effect of

according to the provisions brought, the reporter contacted the Tencent video, they said after last year issued from the "notice" has been on to the content and scope of the adjustment, the Tencent will increase the self-made drama investment, improve the quality of self-made drama, no single number to win, and at the same time increase the professional video content manufacturer’s cooperation. At the same time, according to the relevant national laws and regulations, the introduction of friends loved overseas drama, to meet the needs of users.

the future of the major video sites to homemade drama, entertainment and other aspects of force has been the mainstream trend, under the new deal, the pattern of the industry will change significantly.

electronic business platform to change the rules need to advance >

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