China’s smallest hacker 8 years old to write the code of 1 cents online shopping $2500 commodity

Wang Zhengyang is currently studying at Tsinghua University experimental school. At the age of 12 in 2014 to participate in the China Internet security conference, let him famous. Currently, he is the youngest hacker in china. When Wang Zhengyang was 8 years old, he suddenly became obsessed with writing code. When his parents discovered that Wang Zhengyang was obsessed with computers, his father immediately bought the most expensive laptop at the time of the year for Wang Zhengyang.


on this laptop, Wang Zhengyang wrote 5 years of code, and finally the computer keyboard was knocked out of him.

Wang Zhengyang parents to support Wang Zhengyang, they bought a lot of books on computer programming for the. With the computer technology books, a tiger with wings added Wang Cheng yang.

Wang Zhengyang often find loopholes in various sites, and then train their computer technology. He used to spend a penny in a website to buy 2500 dollars of goods, but Wang Zhengyang not only did not want these goods, but also to tell the vulnerability of the site.

for their future plans, Wang Zhengyang told reporters: I hope that through efforts to a good university, continue to learn the computer, may also go to business. I like to control my pace, I don’t like being controlled."

Wang Zhengyang said he was willing to be called " white hat " instead of hacking. The purpose of their own learning network technology is to help improve the site, do not use technology to do illegal things, I hope their technology can help others.

in the small series seems to be the process of Wang’s growth is the result of his correct parental support guide. Young children, due to mental immaturity, parental guidance is very important. Of course, the family’s economic environment is also very important.

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