Putian and Baidu break up Farewell to the old age

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April 4th, Putian (Chinese) Health Industry Association by all the delegates secret ballot form a resolution: all the members of the unit at midnight on April 5, 2015 to suspend cooperation with Baidu in the promotion of the bidding.

the incident began in March 25th fermentation, and finally into a two-phase confrontation situation. The Department of Putian and Baidu from interdependence to challenge each other, which is really a time to say goodbye to the old age, the old business model.

the rise of Putian, has its historical soil. Since the Youyi started, to private hospitals accounted for 80% of the proportion, if there is no proficiency in a particular line and huge market demand support, it is difficult to become today’s climate. A friend told me that the advertising industry, Baidu search from the hospital, the final treatment, mostly working in the city of migrant workers, they have migrated, cannot rely on marriage to meet the physiological needs, prostitution is a choice, the future of the disease and do not know where to search for treatment, provides the solution the answer to the question. In the process of city, build up the family fortunes to promote, market regulation is relatively loose, it can not be said to be the last of that era.

at the same time have to admit, Baidu PPC business model, in the history of the advertising industry is also a huge progress. In the past, there was a famous saying in the advertising industry: "I know that half of the advertising expense is white, but I don’t know which half." PPC, according to the amount of clicks, which makes advertising more precise. Putian meets with Baidu, has its historical necessity. After all, Baidu is an effective promotion channels, if the past private hospital chaos entirely to blame Baidu, it is unfair.

Putian cooperation with Baidu can not continue, because the times have changed, we are changing.

for the Putian department, the cost of advertising on Baidu is getting higher and higher. One of my friends in the industry told me that it was because people were getting smarter. For example, in the past 10 people to see the ads in the past 5, and now the last of the 10 people can see the past, the cost is significantly improved. In an era of more and more transparent information, the sale of a hammer to continue to become increasingly difficult.

Baidu, there are more and more channels and platforms. Many mobile medical platform has the public hospital doctors are moved to the mobile Internet, with registration inquiry on these platforms, these platforms even came to know is what people, between doctors and patients is no longer a short-lived business. This will make the medical service push more accurate, more accurate than the search. This is another innovation in the business model, which will further reduce costs and improve efficiency.

for Baidu, it is necessary to keep up with such a transition, because the new, more effective mode will eliminate the old model. If you can not keep up with this trend, Baidu will be a major loss in business. Business giant Kodak, Motorola, because there is no timely self innovation and the case of the fall, is the front car >

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