The operation skills and processes of help website

Site operation method of

help, simple to say, but also need to pay attention to some skills, I take a class to help website as an example (lucky net) website (covering wide classification: QQ computer help, help, help life, help to help the game, movie, novel help. ), the classification is accurate, generally are common problems and popular keywords, the article is easy to be included in Baidu, a lot of keywords can also get good rankings and included in the search engine. With the continuous upgrading of technology site and webmaster or network operations staff, help websites in the network or has certain advantages and prospects, so when we do the operation to help in such sites, also need to summarize some tips in operation.

a, help class website article source recommendation:

1, Baidu know:

2, Tencent asked:

3, Sina asked:

4, Tianya Q & A:

5, YAHOO knowledge hall:

we all know network problems emerge in an endless stream but choose help information, and also generally focus on training and selection, general training is to increase the Baidu included, focusing on the selection of IP is to increase the flow, but also on the upcoming popular keywords do foresight, for example: Michael · Jackson < > is such, to do related work; not shown before the release of Baidu, etc. according to the information of your weight and release time to do comparison, natural ranking.

two, the collection of articles

we all know Baidu is not love copy of the article, so we don’t do the automatic acquisition rules, take 20 minutes to do the selection and arrangement of every day, do not believe that 1 months, IP traffic to your site will be a good harvest.

for each article choose a correct title keyword, don’t pick one, on the perimeter may cause the words into a sentence in the title, not miss any opportunity to smear out.

finally, in fact, no matter what method of operation, is a long-term, not because of the effect is not ideal, and give up. Do help website operation too, insist on doing 10, every day there will be a huge days and months multiplying, the data chain, the effect will be better. In the actual operation, but also to continue to find and summarize, so as to have a better effect.

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