How to build blog and promote effectively

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on the Internet more free blog content, entertainment, leisure is also more and more, is easy to build blog, promotion difficult! "I built several blogs, but half an year no one visit!" "my blog how no one to visit?" "why XXX’s blog so fire.?" I think a lot of TX have Oh! So we need to do to set up a good blog, but how to effectively promote the


to come with me to do the blog, so you also become a celebrity blog!

1, blog theme

first of all, we have to talk about the blog theme. A lot of FZLer people like to use some of the Martian body as the title of the blog, but we are in Baidu, Google in the search for useful things Mars?. Want to create a good blog station, first of all we have to think, in the end what to do (for example, do some computer technology, computer tutorial class, or some information, news, entertainment, celebrities, etc.)!

2, blog content

blog content we should be original or false original main (reprint articles can change the content or edit changes, but not to others copyright). And to blog theme based, as we write the article, do not run! Here we say to the original article based, we write an article, if we blog theme keywords, can be one or two times of bold and oblique color (search engine could not recognize the character or not mainly grasp every words), and the blog theme keywords link to the blog page! The copyright information can be added to their own (such as: the editor of [] nets web spiders)! People read the blog’s main purpose is to obtain the information content itself can need or interest, so the blog content or information we must be true, the ways and methods should be reliable, specific and operational, also is to give readers information knowledge, inspiration, so as to generate interest, and increase the amount of reading.

3, blog promotion

a, theme promotion

customers are often through the search engine to get information, if the search engine can not search your blog or Bowen, obviously, your blog will lose its due effect. So we want to how to let the search engine test to our blog? I must first make our blog content, for sure, the content must be valuable and practical article! So we can make search engines and access users know our blog (of course I would recommend you published in a blog article all of the original article is better)! Then we go to the search engine entrance to submit our blog address (non independent web site blog search engine is not submitted) and good


B, personal promotion

contacts network. In the network, in real life, your network is your blog users! Use more publicity, let your friends to visit, let TA remember you >

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