Alibaba launched social products to start the domain name


beta new social product between

[TechWeb] December 2nd news reports, Alibaba beta new social product mix, and start the domain name

log in and show that friends are going to". According to the official introduction, communication is a wonderful moment to retain life, easy to establish contact with friends, anytime, anywhere with your social circle for the purpose of social networking sites.

at present, from the launch of the Android mobile client, iPhone mobile client is also on the line.

users from the terms of the agreement, this agreement is made through the exchange website, mobile client software and other ways to use the network from service users and Alibaba of Hangzhou Advertising Company Limited ("Hangzhou Ali") and Alibaba (Chinese) Network Technology Co. Ltd. ("Ali Chinese") jointly concluded.

Whois domain name information query, registered on 2002, July, the latest update time for the year of November 8, 2011. domain name acquisition price is unknown.

at present, Alibaba has not yet commented on this.

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