The world’s largest pirated movie seed site Kickass was seized


technology – Beijing morning news on July 22nd, the world’s largest pirated movies, TV shows and music sharing website Kickass Torrents has been seized by the U.S. government. The owner of the site, the 30 year old Ukrainian Artem · (Artem Vaulin); he was arrested in Poland on Wednesday.

the international joint strike is a major blow to the BT community. Currently, millions of people around the world will share copyrighted content through Kickass Torrents, while not paying for these content. It also shows that the U.S. Department of justice is stepping up the fight against copyright infringement.

over the past few years, the entertainment industry giants such as SONY, Disney, Warner Bros. pictures and Universal Music Group is the government pressure, require more powerful blow to digital piracy.

the US federal prosecutors Zachary · Falton (Zachary Fardon) said in a statement: "copyright infringement has caused enormous losses to the artists and enterprises, and their survival depends on these creative activities."

online piracy affects the income of media distribution companies. These companies need to pay for the creative work of artists.

, the U.S. government will require the government of Poland will volin extradited to the United States, and he will be prosecuted in the United states. He is accused of running a website that helps users illegally share movies, video games, TV shows, and music that are worth more than $1 billion.

, BT is still the most common file sharing method. Similar Kickass Torreents site provides searchable BT seed list. Users need to download and upload these content through the BT client.

is similar to other BT sites, Kickass Torrents was forced to repeatedly adjust the site, to avoid tracking the judiciary. The service’s original web site was, which was then turned to a web site in Philippines, Tonga, Somalia and elsewhere. Recently, the service site is This is a website registered in Costa rica.

U.S. Department of justice Chicago information security department conducted an investigation of the case. Although the file sharing itself is free, but Kickass Torrents revenue through advertising. According to estimates by the Justice Department, the site’s annual advertising revenue is close to $17 million.

The Department of justice through a network of

TIRM to determine the identity of walling. They then use Apple Records, apple [email protected] account associated to the Wolin, and investigated the volin records at Facebook.

according to the Justice Department,

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