Kun Peng Theory no matter how you scold and YY drops dead it will be the largest taxi platform

these two days drops and Uber almost monopoly of China’s online media, whether it is today’s headlines, or WeChat public numbers, talking about the most is their two things together. Kun Peng of the brain are filled with all kinds of information, sitting in front of the computer at night, a cup of tea, slowly stroking his ideas, can not help but have something to say, just talk it vulgar kitsch, 10 dollars.


one, pick the first interesting material reported a newspaper

Kun Peng on the collection of a lot of the merger (acquisition) of the article, first pick some interesting to see.

Let Uber

1 China accounted for 20% of normal? In fact, before the rumor is false

!Some people say that

accounted for 20%, equal to $7 billion drops of cut meat bought 30% China (this is known as the car market, it is said that drops have been accounted for 80% of the market), also bought a $1 billion Uber global 1.47% stake ($1 billion /Uber valuation of 68 billion U.S. dollars).

this surrender cost really is quite high! And the investor actual investment in Uber Chinese is about $2 billion, in one fell swoop for 3.5 times the capital gains


in fact, this merger or merger of things, such as Uber China is the integration of the party is bound to need to integrate the party to pay the price.

under normal circumstances, the need to first pricing, such as: income, traffic and other aspects of the two sides agreed to determine their value. Next, on this basis to determine a good value, the integration is also a party in the future after the merger of the company to occupy a certain stake, generally between 10%~30%.

after two steps in front of, began negotiations and bargaining, this process is extremely confidential, but it takes a long time, such as: half a year or a year, even the middle talks may collapse, so there will be a middleman mediation work in which the two sides back to the negotiating table.

this is not a Jinsha River venture Zhu Zhi straight admitted:

, the two sides have talked about off and down many times, but the value of the gap between the early hope is very large, excellent step has been to cut 40% of the shares, has been unable to talk about."

, such as the price of the agreement, the agreement signed, and then unified time to release the news, so that everyone thought it was suddenly like!

so all the rumors before the merger, it is not a rumor, but a distant prophecy!

investors said:

"when the market is the pattern of the Three Kingdoms, everyone in the demand for funds or to blood transfusion, no self hematopoietic function, in this case, integration is inevitable, which to some extent also depends on the capital side of blood transfusion — whether it can be sustained for its blood transfusion, to maintain the development, fight a fight at outrance. Generally, to

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