Zhu Zerong soft paper production decomposition

soft writing most often encounter problems:

network marketing, webmasters, copy writer, sales staff headache is often don’t know what to write, lack of ideas and direction, writing soft Wen this time, we in order to combat to explain the writing topic decomposition link.

what is the topic decomposition?

is our topic decomposition, in writing, on an event, a website, a product, to understand it, to establish a clear framework of writing, the writing is divided into different sides and angles, several large zoned out separately organized materials writing or editing. In this way, an event, a web site, a product can be decomposed into hundreds of different perspectives, the organization of thousands of different articles.

in other words, the topic decomposition ability, is the most solid and soft management master the basic skills, the author is also the soft soft to master advanced level planning. The world will never lack of writing soft, but always lack most is the enterprise director president all operations soft leader. A soft, capable of reaching a soft strategy, a mighty army, can achieve the rise of miracle.

decomposition Combat:

in 2009 July, I received a new task to promote the implementation of People’s Republic of China, domestic trade standard "standard" even bargain behavior of retailers suppliers (SB/T10467-2008) publicity and promotion. The standard issued in September 27, 2008 by the People’s Republic of China Department of Commerce, March 1, 2009 officially implemented, which marks the norm basis even bargain examination of our retailers and suppliers. Around the implementation of the standard, and carry out the national retailers and suppliers evaluation activities in our country the first "even bargain".

according to the publicity and promotion tasks, the promotion work is divided into three. In August and November for the first time, second promotion, preheating is mainly used for standard Xuanguan and activities; the end of November to December on the evening of publicity, to influence the highest, pave the way for the two years again held publicizing and evaluation activities.

in front of me, only one of the Ministry of Commerce issued the "zero for the evaluation of" the full text of the standard, as well as a joint venture of China, the Chinese enterprise newspaper issued a document. How to get to the implementation, how to organize the manuscript, are your thing, no one will give you advice, just like we usually for the product or website for the promotion of the article, specifically how to do, only by your own decision. A piece of paper, you can draw the most beautiful picture, but more often, a piece of paper but troubled people, do not know what to do, so in this world, the truth is that we can see is piled into a blank white paper stack, we don’t know what to do with it. Like a lot of soft Wen author, often is a blank, want to write more soft, but do not know what to write.

in August, publicity and promotion, I will be the starting point to determine.

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