nventory of network marketing in the classic tactics


network marketing industry competition is far more difficult than offline marketing, I believe that the owners have already experienced. Because the update speed of the network operating environment is very fast, we like the same one. In order to obtain the benefits of the network environment for a long time, we must learn to keep pace with the times. Below, I will introduce some of the classic network operation tactics.

1, to station

this tactic is to add a fledgling website on the basis of an existing web site. For example, we often carry out the link is also the scope of this tactic. If there is no such a good site resources to promote our new sites, can also use an old version of the portal blog to drive, such as a certified QQ space, we first start to attract fans, then skillfully our website promotion to our fans.

2, the people’s station

as its name implies, is the interests of the site to the relevant workers. For example, Witkey, novel network model is the use of such tactics, from the participation of public resources, to serve the public. Of course, a large number of employment promotion personnel, in accordance with the royalty reward also belong to this range, but the running time, pay attention to management of quality, or can only repeat some of the old witkey.

3, guard station

this kind of tactics mostly rely on the original platform of the network itself as well as the public consumption habits and the birth, such as Taobao shop, and some have been famous portal, etc.. Of course, grassroots webmaster can not reach such a capacity.

4, giants station

this kind of tactics is many webmaster dreamed of, for example, a brand new website has just been introduced in the market, the use of some well-known media and celebrities to promote and achieve fame effect. Like some of the authority of the network inside the binding of a number of business friendly web page, most will get good marketing results.

in addition to the above 4 kinds of metaphor, of course, there will be a lot of worthy of use of the method, this will have to dig the webmaster, as long as the method is suitable for their own, is the best way.

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