Missed the red photo t does not matter, grilled steak WeChat this marketing play!

yesterday afternoon at about 5, the official launch of WeChat "red photo" function, this function usage is user selection "red envelopes photos" released in the circle of friends, send out photos will automatically become fuzzy, and friends to watch this photo, or point of praise and comments, you need to release the red envelopes to make (the amount of red is random, small amount and can be changed for many times).


this line only a few hours will lead to the butterfly effect, many users of the circle of friends have been all kinds of "frosted" photo scraper, WeChat payment activity increased sharply, described as a ripple, had to admit that WeChat created out of thin air using a super scene WeChat pay. The new year is coming, and coincides with the Spring Festival strategic cooperation with Alipay, WeChat’s move is meaningful, careful thinking and planning has been a long time.

The purpose of

on red Public opinions are divergent. photos, some people think it is to shake the red and red activities during the Spring Festival to do warm-up, some people think that in order to promote WeChat to pay new and active, even guess is WeChat in order to test the burn after reading function.


official and not very clear statement, but that will take during the Spring Festival of the advertising expenses all used as WeChat red gift users, but if from the function of the tonality of view, WeChat seems to want to dig out the social attribute of itself and the red products together, so this copy is also a picture the expression of the mind "and so on and so on words, despite WeChat’s strategic layout aside, just from the product and operation point of view, I was more concerned about the" why "WeChat red photo" this function, in just a few hours will lead to such a big response? "Then we will from time to time, behavior setting, participation cost, user psychology, design details several dimensions to analyze this activity.

is the first choice of the time, we should pay special attention to WeChat launched this feature point in time is 5 p.m. Tuesday, near the work time, the circle of friends to open the frequency becomes higher, the radiation radius of expansion, while most people are still the crowd scene, the on-line means of oral communication the line has become a very important way, in such a scenario, like "Hey buddies?! look, WeChat produced a new!" this I believe is not uncommon. Also, WeChat will end the time at eight points, which means that this is a time function, after all, long-term retention of this function, the user can be tedious, and there will be some people spread bad image".

The design of

and participation, "red photo" is based on the "social circle of friends", namely the browse and release point like, comment and so on, these are in addition to the WeChat communication function itself, the user behavior is the most common mass, high frequency, so the participation threshold becomes very low. Imagine if it is a very difficult, the user does not often have the action, the participants must not be so much, good activities or games must be easy to participate

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