Won the international brand of the Olympic Games – Brazil’s creative way!

a, tender: passion is greater than all

2016 Olympic agent bidding


9 years ago

was a total of 7 agents bidding

finalists 4, namely:

Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo, Rio

[spokesperson: narrator and brand tonality consistent]

4 agents have launched their own spokesperson

United States: Obama and Mrs.

Spain: former IOC President Samaranch

Japan: former Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio.

Brazil: President Lula, Diego Bailey, former chairman of Havelange


Brazil in the parade a look on the rolling of tetragonal

was unanimously optimistic about the Chicago

first round upset out

I think there’s a lot to do with Obama’s endorsement

Obama talk about democracy power

will be the Olympic bid as a planter of American thought

spokesman’s voice and the Olympic brand has nothing to do with

does not give 0 points is entirely to the face of the United States uncle

as a draft than losing a party

no wonder Obama didn’t attend the Rio games


[proposal: show enthusiasm, Bo sympathy]

Rio is the key to win the proposal of Brazil

play passion brand, sympathy card

is laughing and crying

Lula stressed that South America has never hosted the Olympic Games

bid is Rio’s dream

Brazil dream

South America dream

Havelange: I hope the first landing of the Olympic Games in South America

celebrates his 100 birthday


and then hit a king fried

marked a city map of the Olympic Games

South American continent a blank

contrast advertising so well

this idea I gave 100 points


[parity: to get the lower limit than the draft)

and all the same as the draft

is often the most critical business standard

Brazil in order to win the Olympic brand


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