Do you know excessive marketing is driving away your customers

think there are so many manuscripts did not write, the weekend also sit still, so choose to the office to fix the unfinished task.


came out, (Metro District Zhuang Station) near the time of the subway, it is 11:30, think to eat a meal to the office, but also save a lot of time, although such convenient takeout can, after all, to the commercial street, so many shops there is always a right for me.

then the eyes swept away, don’t have to come up with mobile phone positioning, a snack on the side of the capital of Dongfeng brand was discovered, and across the street, walked past.

before the door, through the glass found this shop is the basement of nature, feeling can reduce a lot of cost, perhaps food than near a little bit cheaper, in the basement stairs into the restaurant before sweeping the roadside under the menu up version of various packages, clearly show a rich package the type, marked 23-30 ranging from the package price.

was feeling, capital is worthy of fast food, really will save time for consumers, it is difficult to achieve in the production of raw materials and end end standard Chinese restaurant, also by way of packages will end sales process standards, consumers only need to select the keyword package, you can easily shopping, too to afford fast food position.

for me this is not too much to pursue only the pursuit of "eat, eat not hungry, safe and fast" to solve the problem of consumers, the brand of fast food meal is preferred, then a moment of the store has decided to buy 26 yuan, grilled chicken meal, the meal and soup Goods are available in all varieties.

stand to the front of the moment, without queuing, ordering a very enthusiastic young girl, "Welcome city" said the good time, there is no any nonsense, "to a grilled chicken meal", then took out his wallet at the same time, on the counter glanced, hoping to WeChat, Alipay, the United States mission, find public comment sign can direct payment with mobile phone, in the case of unsuccessful search, or pulled out a hundred dollar bills waiting.

at this time.

My sister

order repeated meal requirements, then came the key tone, "soup with xxxxx and xxxxx, I did not expect is a simple chicken lying package and tedious so much choice, no guard, is not willing to ask too much, hesitated, small order Mei added," we can try selling products ", and then casually said a" behind the "(no taste of the pursuit of life to such an extent that Douglas is a visible" casual "how people should be added, only in eating), which is a small sister recommend that, just understand several options for the category of each package in the pizza hut are required to confirm the process.

"38 yuan", the little sister said such a number.

"is not 26?" I have some doubts, a $26 package instantly became a 38?


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